Sujata Kulkarni
President 2019-20

Dear fellow Rotarians

At the beginning of a Rotary New Year, numerous changes take place in the teams working on various tasks in the Club. A Roster is a handy reference book for all of us to use whenever we need to find out ‘Who can help me with this work’

Our teams at RCPU consist of experienced hands as well as fresh blood, all being full of enthusiasm to do something meaningful. We have various committees to carry out work as well as to support every field of activity. Together, these committees form a strong core group where every member gets a chance to do work ccording to his or her talent, skill and capacity.

Like every year, we are starting with projects involving students, special children, environment etc. and extending our activities into other areas of focus defined by RI. Thanks to PP Mahesh, who became the very first Arch Klumph Society member of this Rotary year, our club is now known not just is District 3131 but also all over the world. With such an honour, also comes the responsibility to do some really great projects. And all our members are charged up to do exactly that kind of work.

In this roster you will find the names of various Directors and Committee members as well as messages from the District Governor and RI President. Bio-data of members, their birthdays and anniversaries are also listed. Preparation of such a roster is not a easy task and nobody knows this better than Rtn. Bapusaheb Shitole, who has been preparing rosters for the past many years. The efforts he has taken to complete the roster have been

In view of the success of Contributory Groups for arranging programs as well as dinners, we have retained the process. Every member will be part of one group that conducts programs for a period of one and a half month. That will include arranging everything from speakers to dinners. Let us now start working wholeheartedly and enjoying yet another year when the slogan is ‘Light up Rotary’

Yours in Rotary
Sujata Kulkarni – President 2019-20